Afternoon Tea Time at the Rotunda – Neiman Marcus

Tea Party

Hi readers! Hope you all had fab weekends – I certainly did! I went to have high tea with my girlfriend and it was super cute and colorful – very picturesque. We went to the Rotunda, a bar and restaurant inside of the Neiman Marcus store downtown SF. I had never been inside of Neiman’s, perhaps for obvious reasons (my bank account!) but it was very interesting to explore. It’s really beautiful, and the entrance greets you with the entire beauty department – very luxe skincare, cosmetics and perfumes galore. We spent most of our time upstairs at the Rotunda, where we are seated under an amazing dome with gorgeous artwork as a backdrop for fancy tea time.

Front Chains

For my look today, I went for a very lady-like, polished and slightly understated face, and let my hair and accessories do the talking. I knew I wanted a pink lip, and was going for an gradient effect, with lighter closer to the center of my lip, and a darker pink liner towards the edge. I think eventually it turned into one pink color… I’ll try again next time! For my hair, I had one of those awful hair days when NOTHING worked! I literally took an hour and tried about 4 hairstyles, and they were all awkward, before I just settled on this one. It is a bit braid heavy, but it’s very simple and looks more involved than it is- which is why I chose it in the end. I have two french braids going down the sides of my head, and I have wrapped them around themselves in the back to create a bun, using bobby pins to secure.

Hair Back

I don’t usually talk about my clothes but since I’m wearing such a statement piece (CHAINS!) I thought I’d give them a shoutout. I like the idea of keeping some outfits simple, and then throwing in some really loud jewelry to spice it up. I’m wearing a bracelet called the Renegade which is found at Stella and Dot. This giant chunky necklace is no longer sold at Stella and Dot and I’m not sure what it’s called… but I’m really into wearing it with a collared shirt, with the necklace hidden underneath the collar and taking center stage at the front. I realize I also like this combination of jewelry because it makes me feel badass.. like I could actually be wearing weapons! Maybe not the traditional definition of ‘lady’ but I like to think a lady can still be a bad bitch!


Finally, last touch is my ma-ma- manicure! I got my nails painted this incredible blue and I usually never paint them blue, but decided to go for it. I was thinking green first, but blue made me feel a little more unique since green is such an unexpectedly hot trend. My toes are a lovely coral color which actually match the necklace, but alas, I don’t have a great pic of the pedi so you’ll just have to trust me on this one!

Have a fancy week everyone! Throw that pinky up!!! ❤



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