The DIY Princess

Fine, maybe I wasn’t really born a princess but that doesn’t mean I can’t look like one! I also may not have a glamour squad but hey, I think I’m getting better at DIY! Here’s what happens when you mix DIY and Princess together by virtue of Pinterest.

Side View Hair Hair Band

Last weekend I had a very strange urge to purchase cute headbands – I felt like it was going to open so many doors for my hairstyles! So I went downtown to Forever 21 (they have the cutest hair accessories and they’re so cheap!), and picked up many more hairbands than I needed. After lots of pinterest browsing, I found a gorgeous, boho-meets-regal updo that I couldn’t wait to try and which you can see in my photos. It looks kind of complicated but it’s simply a hairband around the crown, and the hair falling down is separated into 3 ugly braids, then tucked round and round the lower half of the hairband. And, of course, a bit of teasing, hair spraying and bobby pinning. But considering how elevated this looks, it’s such an easy style to put together.  And here’s the view from the back.

Back Tuck and Roll

I really appreciate that messy updos are purposefully loose and messy, because it gives a lot of room for error, and anything falling out can just be part of the aesthetic.

Pink Lid Pink Pout

I might have gone a little overboard with these hearts but I’m such a girl – I don’t know the limits. Anyway, my face here is inspired by the hair, which is so soft and ladylike, so I kept the look consistent with that theme. I am using a tinted moisturizer, my Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze over my cheekbones, Sephora eyebrow pencil and a Sephora black eyeliner on my waterlines and on the outer edge of my lower lash line. I really wanted to showcase the color pink today, so I lined upper lashline with a shimmery warm pink, and used a subtle pink-ish lipliner (Make Up Forever Aqualip in Burgundy 09C) to fill in on top of lip balm. Also, all jewelry by Stella and Dot! One more photo of the face to show the pink lid.

Pink Lid

Finally, here are all headbands I purchased. If you’re looking for hair accessories, I definitely recommend F21. Their clothes are trendy and pretty shitty in quality, but since headbands don’t really go through much wear and tear, they’re perfectly fine.

Hairband Haul

Alright my friends, have a wonderful weekend and stay stylish!





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