Chunky Side Braid and Soft Focus FOTD

EDITED dutch side


Hello my Readers!

I recently found this incredible braided dutch hairstyle tutorial by Twist Me Pretty, a youtube channel created by a hair and beauty guru blogger named Abby Smith. I highly encourage you to browse through her many tutorials… I think there is something for everyone at every level if you’re even slightly interested in trying out different DIY hairstyles. I was immediately obsessed with the hairstyle above and decided to try it as soon as I finished watching the tutorial.

I am used to braiding the dutch, but it’s a bit trickier to bring the braid to the front along the hairline, rather than straight down the center of the head. After a few tries, I was able to get it right. The nice thing is that this braid looks great either messy or neat (in my case, neat), and it definitely looks more complicated that it really is. I also learned from Abby what a difference “pancaking” the braid makes to the entire aesthetic of a braid. If you’re not familiar with pancaking, it’s just a cuter term for stretching out each piece of braid so that they look much bigger (also a bit flatter, hence the pancake) than they really are. For instance, the french / dutch braids typically look bigger towards the end than closer to the scalp simply because there’s more hair incorporated at the end than the root. By gently pulling and puffing up the hair closer to the scalp, you create the look of a bigger braid / massive volume.


Fresh Face Pink Pout


Since this look is so delicate and romantic, I kept the face soft with minimal make up, just cc cream, blush and mascara, and a pink lip balm. I am such a fan of this whole look – I could go on forever. It’s a great option for every day at school or the office, it’s ideal for a work out because the hair is out of the face, AND it’s an awesome contender for the fancier occasion, like a wedding or a baby shower, when worn a bit neater and perhaps decorated with some accessories (flowers weaving throughout the braid!).  And on top of this, it’s probably even better on second day hair with all the extra texture! Anyway, the hair speaks for itself. What a great DIY hairstyle.

Finally, I’ve had multiple friends compare me to Elsa from Frozen (but Asian, obviously) – I take this as a compliment because I really didn’t like the movie but the hair game really was on point. I was shocked the animation folks at Pixar paid the hair that much attention… BRAVO Pixar! Definitely give this one a try if you have medium/long hair and are looking for something pretty to do with your hair. And show me if ya do!



4 thoughts

  1. SUPA cute 🙂 Can we just discuss the struggle of your arms getting tired while braiding your hair. Serious struggle.

    I definitely just subscribed to the hair chick – she’s adorable! I always love new YouTuber recommendations!!!

    1. lol yes the struggle is real! This one was relatively quick but let me tell you I was trying something much more intricate yesterday and I came close to a cramp. Oh and the hair didn’t even work… Damn!

      Ya I’m glad you like her. Her tutorials are great visually!

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