FRESH Tinted Lip Balm + Vibrant for Summer


I am beginning to embrace bright colors and the idea of summer is encouragement enough. Black has always been my favorite color since you can never go wrong with it, but it’s lots of fun to mix and match with different shades, and a fun yellow blouse with some turquoise and green on a chunky necklace gives me an extra spring in my step! The yellow top is a find I picked up at my nearby Crossroads thrift store, and is by Vince Camuto. Not sure why a gal would give it up but I was glad to retrieve it!

I’d also like to show you my exp-hair-imenting (ha- get it?) and here I have put my second day hair into a messy bun, with french braid along the hairline and a random flower clip thrown in. I didn’t really have a plan for this one; I just let my hands go to work. Since playing around with different types of braids and updos, I have really grown to appreciate my hair even when it’s not freshly washed, and that it’s healthier this way. I do feel like my scalp’s oil production has cooled its jets significantly so I highly recommend not washing hair every day. If you’re interested, I wrote a piece a while ago about what alternatives you have.

Let me give you the 360 here…
Oooh there’s more!


On to the face, I am wearing a tinted moisturizer for some subtle evening out of my complexion, a Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick bronzer in Bronze, and Benefit’s Watts Up along the inner corner of my eyes. On my lips, I am wearing a newly purchased FRESH Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment in Cherry, a vibrant red that looks intimidating in the stick, but imparts a very sheer yet noticeable wash of color. I am a big fan of Fresh and their brand in general, for being so clean, light, elevated and for providing such a pleasant sensory experience in their stores. I have always liked these balms, and are great for those who are low maintenance about their lips but still want them to have a little color and shine. They’ve expanded their color range so much, and all of them are very wearable because of the sheerness. The formula is soft, buttery and smells great, all while also providing sun protection (albeit, the SPF is chemical, not physical, which isn’t ideal). Still, I am happy with this product and here it is below!




Until next time... stay sassy!
Until next time… stay sassy!


That’s all for today! If you like it, give it a try and let me know! Thanks for reading!



7 thoughts

  1. Very cute braided updo! Love that flower as well.
    And that yellow top looks really nice and summery. I wear black a lot like you, but I’m kind of happy it’s summer here now, too, so I can wear my more colourful clothes 🙂

      1. Foggy? That sounds cool =) It’s been SO HOT here during the last couple of days. Above 30°C! I’ve been melting..
        It cooled down a tiny bit, though. Enjoying a gentle breeze right now.
        Anyway, keep up the positivity! Will try and sport my few colourful clothes, too ;D

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