Divergent + Vibrant Eyeliner

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I am very excited for today’s post because I am finally getting to play with some crisp color on my eyes! Typically, I keep my make up pretty neutral and use brown palettes for my eyes with a touch of black eyeliner for drama. I have been looking for a switch up in routine, like my last post on the smokey eye, only this time, I’m playing with sharp lines of color.

I’ve been enamored with two trends that I’ve seen popping up on instagram and on fellow bloggers’ pages (Annie’s Beauty did a great piece on the trend seen in Dior shows). One is called the divergent liner, and it’s a dramatic yet incredibly easy look. Essentially, both the upper and lower lash lines are filled in with liner, but they extend outwardly without touching each other, leaving a small space between the two lines. The other trend I’m seeing is basically the return of eyeliners in every color under the sun. My black can finally take a break!

My take on a trend
My take on a trend

In my interpretation, I’ve created a divergent liner look with an super bright yellow on the upper lash line, and an amazing navy blue on outer lower lash line. This is showcased on a background of brown shadow to add some dimension to my crease. I had a great time at Sephora looking for these two liners and trying to come up with an exciting color combination. I was tempted to purchase the whole collection because they are just so juicy to look at on the skin, but blue and yellow came out as the winners! I am really into how much pigment you get on just one swipe, and the color is pretty buildable. Since the lines are thin and crisp, I think this look is equally fun and sophisticated, so perfect for the summer!

As a bonus, I am a big fan of this on a hooded eye (yay! finally my semi-crease has an advantage!). Since hooded eyelids are sometimes concealed by the eyelid itself, and other times exposed, the bright color on the upper lashline is a fun surprise and flashes on and off when you blink or look down! Fun, right?!

Shades are called "My Boyfriend's Jeans" and "Banana Split."   SEPHORA COLLECTION Contour Eye Pencil 12hr Wear Waterproof
Shades are called “My Boyfriend’s Jeans” and “Banana Split.”
SEPHORA COLLECTION Contour Eye Pencil 12hr Wear Waterproof

And here are the eyeliners themselves. Nothing fancy schmancy, but at $9 a pop, you’re open to lots of fun options, mixing and matching without blowing the budget. I have my eye on the greens and some browns… I even saw an awesome pink but I might be too chicken to try that one!

My next color cosmetic inspiration is to try a colored mascara. My cousin (hi Angie!) had an amazing blue/turqoise mascara and I would never think to wear that color, but it was just a lovely and subtle surprise to see. I loved how it caught the light and complimented a toned down eyeshadow so well. Kind of curious to see how that would look on a bright eyeliner, but it might be too cray so I might need to save that one for the Lady Gaga concert in two weeks (so stoked!).

Definitely an irresistibly easy and cute trend to try out if you like to wear colors, and a perfect experiment for anyone at any level of make up mastery. Let me know if you end up trying this one yourself! Until next time…



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