Smokey Look on Hooded Eye – An Experiment

The Smokey Eye.

Hi Readers!

If I could narrow down my signature, or favorite at least, make up look, it would probably be light on the eyes and a very bold lip. It’s the easiest look for me to achieve, and gives me the most dramatic effect with the least amount of work. Working with my eyes is still kind of a challenge for me as I have ‘hooded’ eyes, not quite a double eyelid but definitely not a monolid. Today, I had some time and inspiration, so decided to take a departure from my usual look to do a heavier eye and a lighter lip, seen above. What do you think?

Honestly, smokey eyes are not my forte and are pretty funny (or frustrating, depending on my mood) because the shadow sometimes lands somewhere I did not intend it to. The shadow looks so different depending on the angle I’m looking at myself in the mirror, and because much of my eyebrow is folded when I open my eyes entirely, a lot of my hard work and *artistry* is concealed anyway! Today, I created an outline of a cat eye that was meant to be blended out, so that they outer edges would be smokey and taper their way into a lighter bronze. I like the drama of eyes lined with black… still have yet to form an opinion on the cat eye. In theory, cat eyes should always look great, but I feel like I only nail them 30% of the time because they’re so hard to match to each other!

I will say though that my eyebrow pencil made this whole face possible right now. I am the laziest when it comes to my brows, and they are currently a hot mess. Thankfully, they are very light and a pencil to shade in and reshape go a long way. I really needed them to balance out everything going on in my lid and lash area. To balance this make up look, I paired the eyes with a light lip gloss, no lipstick. On my skin, I have a tinted moisturizer and bronzer, just to even out the complexion and add a little glow.

Prominent products used: Peter Thomas Roth CC Cream in Light/Medium, Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze, Smashbox Photo Op Eye Shadow Trio in Screenshot, Sephora Eyebrow Pencil and Waterproof Eyeliner, YSL Babydoll Mascara, and BITE Lush Fruit Lipgloss in Currant.



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