Orange You a Cutie?!

photo 4

Get it? Get it?!?

HI CUTIES! How’s it going? I went a bit color crazy this week and my color of choice was orange. I first got the nails done which is why they look way more fabulous and clean than usual, and since I was feeling sassy, I put the fi-yah into my nail game. I typically stick to nudes and pinks, with the occasional oxblood, but it’s spring so we gotta get bright!

Liking this shade... probably best on warm / yellow skin tones.
Liking this shade… probably best on warm / yellow skin tones.

So the item I’m really excited about is my new lipstick by Calvin Klein. I think it’s called their Creme Lipstick in the shade Orange Too. I just tried to look it up online but I’m really not sure where you can find it. My buddy likes to buy Korean skin care (have you heard of Laneige? They’re going to be sold at target!) and gets these free gifts, and since he’s the manliest of men, he gives me first dibs on all cosmetic items! I told him to get me an orange lipstick since that’s the only color I don’t have, and lo and behold, I now have one in my collection! It’s also the only CK brand cosmetic in my bag… excuse the tangent here but I’m not sure what CK is up to. They used to sell at Sephora, then they stopped and now they’re at Ulta, but I can’t find this particular lipstick that I have at Ulta or even online. So…like I said, not sure what the deal is. BUT, in any case, I’m very happy with this product. I do really like this formula for it’s creaminess and the color pay off, and that it’s not for the faint of heart. I think it pairs very nicely with a light bronzer (trusty Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick), some light shimmery eye make up, and mascara. Very spring time and a little different from what I’m seeing, which is refreshing!

photo 3

Also, I just happened to find this MAC lipgloss I bought a while ago that is a very cool orange color. On it’s own, it looks very sheer and doesn’t look orange at all. I put some on top of the lipstick, and it gives just a bit of shine. I’m not sure how I feel about shiny statement color lips since I do prefer a powerful pout to be matte. I’m wearing it with gloss in the top picture, and without gloss in the below. Either way, I’m so excited that I have everything I need for an orange lip, and some temporary finger nails magic to pair with it.

Matte (CK worn alone)
Matte (CK worn alone)

Have a vibrant week…



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