Today I’ve participated in the Five Face Challenge, as seen on instagram and youtube. This means I’ve put together my look using only five products, and have attempted to look as polished as possible! It’s actually really fun to do this, because it forces you to think about which products you rely most on, and also which products are not as important as you thought. It’s an interesting exercise that’s probably useful for people who overpack (me) or a fun challenge for people who typically wear many more than five products on an everyday basis. Anyway, without further ado, this is my five-face face!

Five products on my face!
Five products on my face!

For my five products, I carefully selected my Nars concealer, Becca lip and cheek tint (NOT CHEATING!), my Sephora brow pencil, two coats of mascara by Givenchy, and a Benefit highlighter everywhere possible (browbone, cheekbones, tearduct, lower lashline, down my nose, cupid’s bow, center of my bottom lip… I really go to town with it). And voila, it’s my face! I wanted to keep it low key and fresh faced, rather than dramatic, but if one wanted more intensity, I think a darker lip/cheek color could do the trick. So why did I choose these five products? For starters, I really like the idea of using concealer rather than foundation, when possible, since it is a subtle way to enhance the complexion but doesn’t give the weird mask effect or feel heavy, making it a solid first choice. Lip and cheek products are pretty obvious, since they serve both purposes and give the look of liveliness. For eyes, I personally need a mascara since my eyelashes aren’t very long or curly, and this little touch does open up my little peepers. The eyebrow pencil is honestly a wonder… admittedly, I do believe my brows need some help, but just a pencil to fill in sparse areas, elongate, and accentuate the arches really do provide a frame and help the face look pulled together. Finally, I obviously used a lot of highlighter because if you do it right, it’s like having your own flattering instagram filter!

For hair, I tried something a little more interesting today: a multibraid! In the above photo, I’ve got a very obvious fishtail braid on my right, but I also have a more hidden french braid going down the left side of my head. Here’s another photo:

Braids, and yes ma’am it is second day hurr.

Ladies and gentlemen, that’s my FOTD and LOTD. It was a fun to do and definitely I encourage you gurls to try it sometime and blog about it. Would love to see your take on it!



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