Balayage: a French colouring technique that was developed in the 1970s. It is a freehand technique where the colour is applied by hand rather than using the traditional foiling or cap highlighting techniques.

Today, I learned the definition of Balayage, the technique and the result when done right… and I am so excited about it! I have a very low maintenance approach with my hair (my cousin once dyed it a horrible orangey brown color with drugstore dye when I was 13 and dye has not touched my hair since) and I just didn’t believe that any artificial color would look natural or flattering on me.  And, I’ll just state the obvious here: I’m Asian and it’s really tough for Asians to get away with artificial hair color without it looking like, well, artificial hair color. Some people don’t mind it, but I prefer it to look like it came out of my head or that it’s just wonderfully sunkissed. So, I’ve basically stayed away from dye and am relatively gentle with my hair… in fact, I am trying out sock curls right now because I don’t own a curling iron and I want to see if this works – will keep you updated!

Back to Balayage! I came upon it while browsing through pinterest hairstyles and noticed that some of these girls in the pictures had the most beautiful, natural looking variations of color in their hair… not quite as dramatic as ombre and not as organized as normal highlights. I also saw a bunch of dark haired Asian girls with this style, and I’m loving how subtle and effortless it looks. Since the dye doesn’t seem to hit the root, it wouldn’t require a lot of touching up either… at least I think. I have been experiencing a bunch of hair envy all day…

Definitely some pros and cons attached here.

Pros: Fabulous hair, fabulous hair, fabulous hair!!! And I also think my DIY braids would look more interesting with some variation in color (since my hair is so dark and one toned in normal lighting, all of my fancy finger work just looks one dimensional and amorphous)… and I think it would be a really fun, new and self-gratifying experience.

Cons: Holy cow, it is expensive for a hairdo  (probably around $200 if I wanted to cut and color at a moderately expensive salon, even more if it were really fancy place and not sure if I could get over the buyer’s guilt!), not sure how the maintenance would work (because best believe I am not willing to get this thing fixed every month for $200… I am not there in life, ok). I would be worried the color might turn into something orange and gross, and/or that it might cause some damage to my currently healthy hair. I also don’t know if I am just being a hype beast right now and following a trend because everyone else is doing it. Oh, and there’s the chance that it might look totally shitty and I would regret it for a very long time.

I’ll probably let this urge simmer for a few weeks and see if it subsides, probably do a little more research here and there. All I know is that this kind of hair style definitely has my approval (sorry, ombre!) and I will have hair dreams.

Oh, also, this is an accidentally moded / fabulous photo of me, but I’m really digging my hair color when it’s totally saturated with yellow sunlight. Basically, this is what I would want to recreate but I’d want for it to exist in less fabulous lighting.

iammyhair iammyhair

And, of course, send me any thoughts on the hair dyeing / fancy schmancy salon experiences if you have them!



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