One braid is all it takes

I always feel the need to get creative with 2nd day hair because I’ve learned there are two basic things I can’t do with it: leave it down or pull it into a bun. If I tried either of these things, my roots would look chunky in a gross way, even with the dry shampoo. When I finally realized this, my curiosity with different kinds of braiding was born, and I try out new braids and updos when I have the time.

Today, I have an eclectic and untraditional ‘do: a solitary, off-center and thin dutch braid (a wannabe cornrow is really what it is). I must admit I saw this on one of the Kardashian sisters and really loved it. Actually, I often love the things they do with their hair, but, alas, we can’t all have glam squads following us around doing our cornrows. I tried one on my head which looks like this. First picture is so blown out, but I think you can see the braid better.

Me as a ghost
Me as a human.

This does take a significant amount of hair out of my face,- the only downside is that there is still a bit of hair lying around that could get chunky. I did my best to dry shampoo it and leave it alone, but I also feel like the braid receives more attention than the chunks… so it all works out in the end! Beginner / intermediate braiders should give this one a go! 




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