Incredible 3-D Nail Art

Katsuma Kamo creates beautiful white floral inspired nails. I LOVE 3-D nails and completely embrace how over the-top they are. I swear I would wear them all the time if they weren’t so impractical. I just love how delicate and detailed the nails are in this video. True, they’re meant to last, but the inspiration and the time put in blows my mind!

Hmm, maybe when my nails finish healing from that Shellac manicure, I’ll start gluing my nails with rhinestones, bows and cinnabuns like I did that one time.., here is my equally sophisticated 3-D nail attempt from last year, NOT! ‘)

Crazy Nails

4 thoughts

  1. Do you actually use glue? I put a little star as an accent sometimes, usually just dropping it on the still-wet polish and then coating it with top coat. I guess one little star is a lot easier to keep on than all those decorations though!

    1. Hey! So when I bought the nail accessories, the glue was part of the package so I used it. Now that I think about it, I think it was just super glue… gross!! And, you’re right, those baubles were too big to stay on if I had just set them on top of wet polish. 🙂

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