ILIA lipstick review, and that one time I went out…

ImageHI everyone!!

Well there are several things I am excited about today! One, is that I finally got my little fingers on the Ilia lipstick I’ve been talking about for months, in the shade called “Femme Fatale” and I have it on right now. Another, is that I am going to see my high school friends for a Secret Santa gift swapping/ pot luck dinner/ celebrating one of their birthdays. Finally, I have spent literally hours doing my hair (mostly blowdrying) and make up because I almost never go out, but when I do, I pretend it’s prom all over again! Like I’ve said plenty of times, I might like getting dolled up even more than going out, but tonight I get to do this and see some old friends. I’m very excited!

First things first! So, let me first remind you why I was interested in Ilia in the first place. It is made of 85% organic ingredients, doesn’t contain any weird chemicals and is mostly natural, AND the business has taken a very cool approach to their branding which I think is important I’m so excited that ‘clean’ products are coming out without that crunchy granola / hippie vibe. It’d make me happy one day to see all personal care and cosmetics products made with quality and healthy ingredients in mind, but for now, Ilia does such a great job of combining luxury and health/eco- friendly consciousness. The packaging is very chic, made of this gray matte aluminum, The lipstick I chose was a deep red, almost plum color. I really like it, and I’m very surprised by how much color pay-off it delivers, since even I sometimes doubt the efficacy of these ‘eco’, nature-friendly brands. No doubts from me anymore, though, as it has now surpassed my expectations.  I’ve applied 2 sweeps over my lip balm, and it feels great…no weird smells or tastes.

At 24$, plus the shipping/handling and waiting, it’s a bit of a bummer. Ilia is still growing and isn’t sold everywhere yet, but you can find them at certain boutiques. Otherwise, you would just have to buy off of their website, and on that point, I didn’t like using the web image as a reference. You can’t really get a perfect idea of how the make up looks unless you get to see it in person or swatch it, so I hope Ilia gets big enough for Sephora to pick up… a swatching dream come true! All critiques aside, I do like the product, the brand, their mission and responsibility. Check out their website for yourself here!


And here is my look for tonight. I have curled my hair using a round brush and a blowdryer… a very time-consuming task, but worth it since I do like my hair curly and it is curly so infrequently. Then, for face, I applied the Peter Thomas Roth tinted moisturizer (this stuff is SO great!), Benefit’s Watts Up highlighter (my birthday gift from Sephora!), Bare Escentuals bronzer in Warmth (this is kind of gross, but I’ve had mine for so many years and I haven’t even made a dent in it!) and a dusting powder. Then I created a less dramatic smokey eye, with champagne and shimmery shadow toward the inner corners, and the tiniest bit of black towards the outer edge, which I blended. I colored in my brows, applied mascara, and finished off with the Ilia!

Oh, I just realized I might want to put on some blush… any recommendations?

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and the HAPPIEST of holidays! Can’t wait to read your posts!



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