Shellac nail update… it ain’t cute

So a few weeks ago, I did a glowing review on my first Shellac manicure. I was extremely impressed with the results and was pleased for the 1.5 weeks following the day I got it done. After that, though, things got a little trickier… fast forwarding to now, the point that I say I’ll never get another Shellac manicure because it is a MESS, y’all. 

A few things I’ve learned from this experience: the removal process is completely abrasive, unglamorous, and plain gross. The only way to get this heavy duty gel paint off the nail is to file it down (the nail plate with the polish), wrap it with cotton pads soaked with acetone, and then scrape the rest off with that metal instrument. I know I’m dramatic, but it was almost unbearable to watch and peeved me to feel the sensation of my nail being scraped. AAACK. 

I asked that they give me a normal manicure so I could at least hide the damage, so that ended up concealing it and my nails looked back to normal for about a week. Then, the new paint started to chip, as usual, and I decided I would cut my nails and remove the polish, just go natural for a month. 

At this point, my nails are SO brittle that they’re just breaking, catching on to cloth and almost ripping off. I feel like I’ve only got half of the thickness of my original nail, and I can’t really do anything about it. My real nails are quite strong and beautiful, which is why I never got artificial nails done. I just thought the 2 week manicure would be worth it… Alas, the final verdict is a resounding NOOOO to shellac. Never again. Trust me. 


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