Lush BB Seaweed and the Holiday Spirit

It’s the baddest boosh contest and I’m comin’ in first place 😉

Hey everyone. Don’t be scared, it’s still your blog pal Trace, just with a little bit of somethin’ else going on my face. Today I went downtown (again) and it was the most lovely day. San Francisco was so festive and happy because of an event called Santa-Con… where everyone dresses up like Santa Claus and rejoices, drinks, smiles. Lots of children laughing and families out doing Xmas shopping. The weather was absolutely perfect – sunny skies, cool but comfortable temperature.

I met up with my best friend on a mission to visit Lush, since I had been eyeing their face masks for some time. I love the store and how fun and sensory ;the whole shopping experience is. You’re immediately bombarded (in a good way, at least I feel) with colors, scents, different textures of samples, and sales associates who will happily coat your hand with various goops and wash them off with a bowl of warm water. I was particularly keen on the masks because they were in a great price point for me, at $6.95 USD per little jar, although I do realize now these products are quickly perishable, meant to be placed in the refrigerator and expire in 3 weeks. After trying a few, I chose the BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask, seen here.



It is interesting and has a very herby smell. The sales associate told me it was supposed be be scented like rose but I didn’t get that. I am honestly not in love with the smell, but I like the texture and the thickness. It is almost paste-ey, with bits of seaweed in it, which is cute. Removal is a bit high maintenance, since it doesn’t wash off too easily. It comes off in chunks and you really have to rub round and around to be sure you’ve got it off. Afterward, I did like the way my skin felt, it was not tight feeling, which is something I hate about masks.

Overall,  I like the idea of doing a mask once in a while, just because it’s nice to pamper oneself and break out of the face routine. I also love that this mask is made of natural ingredients…the first ingredients are flowers! How fun!

Finally, Beyonce, without warning, blew everyones mind and expectation by dropping an ENTIRE album and music videos corresponding to each song…I am so blown away by her. She is this universe. I would encourage you to buy it and be amazed. 

❤ Trace

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