The Winter Aesthetic – Turtlenecks, Statement Rings, Braids n Bobby Pins

HairFace and ringBraidI was waiting around for the weather in San Francisco to feel like winter, since all though November it had been in the low 60s and was quite comfortable. Well… I guess there will be no more waiting. The weather has dropped to the mid 40s to 50s and I am so not having it….

This whole week has been weird for me. I have been dehydrated and static-ey, and the only jacket I can wear is my giant wilderness Columbia one, which makes me look like a penguin. I think it was such a drastic drop in temperature that my body went into mini-shock… But I’m slowly getting the hang of winter (in San Francisco… haha) again.

I’ve taken  advantage of this season to pull out my favorite and only turtleneck!! The other day, I saw 4 people wearing turtlenecks in the office and it was on point. When I was a youngin’ in elementary and middle school, my mom used to dress me in turtlenecks and I was so embarrassed! Now, I’ve come around to the chicness AND functionality of them, and I will rock my sweater proudly. Now all I need is a chain and a light beer.

Here I’m also wearing a ring that I bought from Stella and Dot. It is a statement ring, and one of the three spheres perfectly matches the shade of my turtleneck.. YES! I love how heavy it feels, how dramatic it looks and just the overall fabulosity of casually wearing a giant shiny ring. Also if you look at it on its side, I realize it looks like deadmau5… not that I’m the biggest fan.

For face, I am wearing the Illuminating Primer by Tom Ford (smells interesting and is a bit heavy for my taste, but I think covers pores just fine), CC cream with SPF in light/medium by Peter Thomas Roth (love it! feels great and a medium coverage), bronzer by Bare Minerals, a liquid black liner by Maybelline, Doll Lashes mascara by YSL (this stuff is fragranced!! first time I have experienced this and I am a fan, even though I’m not sure about the chemicals they put in there to make that happen…), and a purple/plum sample lipstick by a lab (a lab that creates the actual makeup for cosmetic houses…cool huh??). I normally won’t wear liquid liner unless I have time and am ready to put in the effort… it is such a mistake to hastily put on liquid liner and look like a toddler sharpied your face. Today it took me a while to get the two wings even, but I am happy. I felt a bit bolder as well, so I finished with a POW, some dramatic lip color. You betta work.

For hair, I am on the dreadful second day and it is feeling oiler than normal, so I needed to get it out of my grill. Here, I have braided the dominant right front section, and I just realized I did a half french braid…thinking that I did a dutch braid. This is what I was trying to achieve…not so far off?  The rest of it I first tried to put in a pony tail, but it was going flat and looking grossly oily, so I twisted it into a loose and messy bun, and pinned it up. Now, normally, I would use a hair tie, but since learning how to properly use bobby pins a few weeks ago, I’ve found that this method works better for maintaining volume close to the roots in updos, like this bun. I think it is because you are securing the hair in sections, and each pin is responsible to hold just part of the ‘do’ rather than a whole, which the hair tie would normally do. Also, the pinning is incredibly easy… the secret is to not just insert the pin (which I had been doing my whole life), but to weave it through, and secure it by twisting it around to the opposite direction, such that the pin (the tooth-y/ridged side) now exits where it initially entered.

Voila, a winter look is complete. Now, off to downtown to shop with my mom!

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