Inspiration Pieces for Fall ’13 and Thrift Store Finds

Hey beauty babes,

I’ve been missing posting on this blog. I recently started a new job that takes up most of my time now, but I still wanted to share some of my own inspirations lately. I have always loved fall because I LOVE fall fashion. I love the dark colors, both in make up and clothing pieces. Every season I put together a list of pieces that I’m obsessed with, but having been on a student budget and a foodie for most of my life, I’m only able to get a quarter of the items before deciding I should spend my dollars on things more essential. Enter my newfound obsession with the thrift store near my place, and I have arrived in fashion HEAVEN. These are 4 pieces I picked up, all of them being on my inspiration list.


Black maxi dress – I preferred there to be a slit on the side, but it was like 18$ so I had to steal. Also, it is made of this really stretchy, SUPER soft material, which I fell in love with. If I don’t end up wearing this out, I know I’ll wear it at home for lounging or sleeping in. And I’ll feel chic the whole time.

Cowlneck sweater- So I already have something similar, which I adoringly call my hobo sweater, and which was an ‘inspiration’ purchase from a few years back. I have always loved the chunky sweater look, so I wanted to find another one just to have it. The neck is more versatile and comfortable than a turtleneck, a bit more relaxed. I found this grey piece, and this is different in that it’s more fitted all over. Thankfully it is flattering, and very warm/ functional at the same time.

Embellished top – So this fulfills the top requirement I wanted. I am not used to wearing dress pants all the time, and I realized most of my shirts are too casual to pair with black slacks. I am impressed with the detailing of this shirt, and since gold + black (or dark colors) are the BEST color combo in my opinion, it is perfect! The back has beautiful button detailing, bonus!

Wide legged black pants – Finally, my most impressive item. I was really inspired by little people in big pants, so wanted to go against the trendy skinny pant. I think Rachel Zoe does the look well, and it really elongates the figure when worn with heels. I found a pair on HM for 60$ and was planning to just shell out the dollas since I couldn’t really find it anywhere else. So, I FOUND THESE PANTS FOR FIVE DOLLARS AT CROSSROADS. FIVE DOLLA MAKE ME HOLLA. Obviously, caps lock rage here, but I think these will work just find. I will need to shorten them a bit because they’re RULL long. Also, not excited that they’re relatively thin and made of canvas-ey material, but they’re so wide legged I could probably get away with wearing tights underneath. SUCH A WIN!

And the other items I need to add to my inspiration collection :

Black leather booties (preferably with a heel no taller than 2.5 in)
Long black or brown boots (weather resistant and walking friendly)
Black ballet flats / possibly creme colored with a gold 1 inch platform heel (DYING OVER THESE NEED THEM NOW)
Classy , heavy and wool coat that reaches upper thigh
Skinny black pants (Even better if they’re fake leather but these are often cheap looking)
Simple collared button up cotton shirt for layering
Soft sweater top to layer on top of button up
Chic bag tote to carry laptop / work stuff
Actually flattering jeans (I cannot find these anywhere… I am very thin and have no ass, so American Eagle / teeny stores usually work best for me… I just don’t like the pockets on AE jeans)
Chiffon blouse
Cashmere scarf
Headband ear cover things
Mittens with removable finger covers

I think that might be it for now… I am excited to see if I can get any more of these items while thrifting. I really need those booties and those flats though.

❤ trace

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