Product Review: EOS Lipbalm in Pomegranate Raspberry

Hi Readers!

First of all, I feel like I’ve dropped off the blogosphere this past week so I’m sorry for not being interesting on my page. Lots of stuff has been happening to me very quickly, some great things, which is why I have been more focused on my off-line life. I really look forward to sharing about it once things begin to settle. 🙂EOS

Here starts the product review! I had been introduced to EOS (evolution of smooth) through an a cappella friend, who would not part ways with it. I thought it was too trendy at the time, and probably not better than my trustee Burt’s Bees, so I paid it no mind until I learned that it is made with 100% natural ingredients! I’ve been researching about brands that specialize in natural products so I was surprised and pleased to see that EOS is one of them. After looking at their website and assortment of flavors at work today, I freaked out and decided that I would stop by Walgreens after work to snag one myself.

I chose the pom/raspberry flavor, and I was really conflicted because I also really wanted the summer fruit flavor… I decided that if I really loved it, I might just end up buying a bunch of them. They cost me about $4 USD. EOS

Reactions: I am VERY impressed with this stuff. As you can see, the balm has an innovative and strikingly different design as compared to almost every lip product out there. Everything I’ve ever seen is cylindrical shaped, and meant to be applied to each lip separately, first the bottom, then the top, or vice versa. This egg shaped/ circular design can be applied to both lips at once, with its 1 inch diameter, and I was surprised by how different that felt. Since it’s colorless lip balm, there’s no need to be precise, so you just pucker up, wiggle it around, and your lips are perfectly moisturized.

The texture is very smooth feeling, not quite as tacky as my Burt’s Bees. I also like that there’s a bit of stevia in it, which is a natural sweetener, so that it’s not gross to sometimes taste the lip balm.  From my first application, I can tell this stuff is long lasting since I haven’t really needed to reapply…however, I do reapply because it’s fun! EOS

Finally, the reason I got so excited in the first place is because of the ingredients. Here’s a picture of the list, and as you can see, everything is plant derived except for the beeswax, which is still perfectly natural. SO glad this doesn’t have petroleum in it, and I can actually feel that. Petroleum usually feels more slick, which I’m not a fan of.

I give this a 9/10, my only critique being that I’m not in LOVE with the flavor… I like it a lot, but I’m not jumping up and down for it, so I knock one point off. Otherwise, EOS has created a really great product, TOTALLY changing the lip balm game (I know, dramatic, but it’s true!). It is affordable, long lasting, nice feeling, and healthy to use. Bravo!


P.S. I just realized this as I was setting it upon my night stand… the design is actually GENIUS! Because of it’s flat and wide bottom (hehe…) it doesn’t topple over or roll as every cylindrical lip balm usually does. It will stay in one place, and it will be less easy to lose. Amazing! My magical, lil egg shaped baby. ❤

P.P.S. Holy sh*t, I realized another way this product is mad genius. Literally every single time I have lotion on my hands, I give up on wearing lip balm because I can never get the cap off. EOS balm, however, is a twist off cap, so even with the greasiest hands, it will be a breeze to get my balm on. YES.

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