GOLD AND SHIMMER / Newfound Wonders of Thrift Shopping

ImageThis is the look I put together today, which I think coordinates well with the sunny weather outside. I always try to dress up for the weather when it pleases me, which is why I don’t try as hard on overcast days. 😛

Breakdown: I wanted to bust out my bronze/gold eyeshadow powder that I haven’t used in a while, so I packed that in all over my eyelid until the ‘crease’ or brow bone. Then I remembered yesterday that I wanted to try something I saw on Lorde in her “Royals” video, which is basically a very cool and defined cat eye shape that is dark and sharp toward the edge, and tapers off toward towards the middle of the lid. For mine, I used blue since I LOVE blue and bronze, and I applied black liquid liner very close to my lash line for some definition. I finished off with some mascara.

For the lip, I lined and filled in with a rosy pink pencil, and spontaneously pulled out this nude, opaque gloss that usually makes me look lifeless. I think it pairs well with the pink as the base.  Voila!

Oh, also, I went thrift store shopping yesterday for the first time at Crossroads. I am very aware that I’m late, and thrifting is cool now (thanks, Macklemore), but it always bothered me that 1) someone wore these clothes before me and 2) I didn’t know who… mostly a hygiene issue for me. But, after being impressed by the quality and current-ness AND non-odor of their clothes/store, it’s not a problem. And let’s not forget the most important part: the insanely discounted prices of really cute stuff! I bought this denim jacket for $13, which would have been 3 or 4 or 5 times the price had it been new… what a steal! I also got another very pretty blouse for about $10, in perfect condition! I will be shopping here all the time now…

I also think it’s a thrift stores are a great way to be adventurous with fashion. Maybe I might like to try out a faux fur coat or a leather cape or a sequinned vest… not that I would do any of those… but if I ever wanted, I wouldn’t have to shell out a bunch of money for questionable and transient fashion trends when I could pick them up for a discount. Shop away without the guilt!




5 thoughts

      1. boo – we don’t have that here. i mean crossroads training. I’ll definitely have to scout “good” ones because there are tons of the stinky ones here. hahaha

      2. GAWD i can’t stand stinky thrift stores. that’s what deterred me before… but i’m sure you’ll find a nice, clean thrift store. and when you do, oh the wonders you’ll find!!!

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