DIY lipsticks using crayon??

Hey readers! I just read through a post on Beautylish about how to use crayon to make DIY lipstick (click here! ). Anyway, my first impression was to be kind of disgusted; after all, can you imagine drawing over your mouth with smelly crayon? But after reading, I warmed up to the idea since crayon is apparently non-toxic, which is why we trust our children with it. I guess this is just a case of my own functional fixedness…side note: I never thought my psychology degree would ever come in handy here, but it is a pleasant surprise! 

Basically, the idea is to melt several colors + shea butter + oil together to create a lipstick, I guess makes sense. I have no idea why I am uncomfortable with it… maybe because I am thinking of that nasty crayon smell. Hmm… I am not sure I’d ever try this, but I give kudos to the person who thought  this up. Kind of funky and cool and weird.

Are you crafty? Would you ever DIY your lipstick??

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