I’ve been nominated for a Leibster Award!!


How exciting is this? Well I can’t say I’ve been on the blogging scene for too long, but I am really enjoying the time to write and share my thoughts with this community. Thanks so much to Juliana AKA BeauteAmoureux for nominating me and sharing the spotlight with me. Please check out her blog and follow her- I always have fun reading the posts and browsing through her pictures! Okay, without further ado, let’s get this thing in action!

What on earth is the Liebster Award?”

“Well, the Liebster Award is a blogger award, mainly for creating awareness for new bloggers. Other fellow bloggers can nominate blogs that they find great to read, and in return, the nominated blogger will nominate another 11 blogs of his/her choice as well!”

“As like all things in life, there are rules:”

1. You must link the person who has nominated you. 2. You must share 11 random facts about yourself.3. You must answer the 11 Libester questions given to you by the nominee. 4. You  must come up with 11 questions for your nominees to answer. 5. You must go to their blogs and notify your nominees.

11 Facts about TRACEinthePLACE

One: I am a Cal bear and recently graduated from UC Berkeley! Also I am in love with the Bay Area, California.

Two: Singing is my only “real” artistic talent and I kept this a secret for most of my life for fear of judgement. But then I got over that and decided that my college life would become an extended, 4 year-long Glee episode. The best decision I ever made was to join my a cappella group/family called DeCadence A Cappella and I turned into a silly, sassy amateur diva (at least in my mind…).

Three: Some of my “unreal” or less legit talents include being a human ‘Shazam’ app (I recognize familiar songs by just a half-second long snippet), memorizing lyrics without trying, eating more than everyone I know, and communicating with cats on a profound level because I really am a cat.

Four: I am lactose-intolerant but I ignore this fact every single time I’m faced with any dairy product, ever.

Five: I’m 22 and don’t yet have a driver’s license BUT I swear I will have one by the end of this year!

Six: I’m currently in my 2nd week of C25K training… I am a couch potato attempting to run 3 miles non-stop!! Wish me luck!

Seven: My favorite perfume is J’adore by Christian Dior.

Eight: Grocery shopping is my favorite kind of shopping. After that comes make up.

Nine: I got my first lipgloss tube at age 10, and eyeliner shortly after at age 13. I was an early beauty bloomer but this means I am at advanced level now!

Ten: I realize more and more that Taylor Swift and I share the same casual dance moves and I’m very displeased by this.

Eleven: Compassion, gratitude and respect are beautiful things we should demonstrate and be open to.

Phew, now for some questions!!

1. Where you one of those people who ran out and purchased the new iphone immediately?

Nope, I have the jankiest, most broken down Android phone and find it perfectly satisfactory!

2. If you could be a Disney Character, which one would you choose?

Mulan, of course!

3. When you’re looking through posts on the feed, what is it that makes you click on a post to read it on the bloggers page?

Interesting pictures, interesting titles, things that make me laugh, honest content.

4. Do you have a favourite makeup brush? name it and tell us why?

To be honest, for a make up obsessed gal, I don’t pay particular attention to my brushes. I use a stiff blending eyeshadow which I use for most eyeshadow looks, so I think that’d be it.

5. Favourite place you have travelled to and why?

My favorite place I’ve visited is probably Paris. I was lucky enough to travel during my abroad semester in England, and spent 4 days in Paris. My cousin, who was studying abroad at the time too and has impeccable taste, was there to be my tour guide and photographer. Getting to see the city in real life, after only ever seeing pictures, was a dream. We picnic-ed during the day, which included a bread, cheese, meat and sparkling wine feast AND a huge photo session resulting my most fabulous picture ever, then went back at night to watch the breathtaking flashing light show and take even more fab pictures. Also, everyone is so incredibly and effortlessly well-dressed, the metro is efficient and convenient, the cuisine is rich and awesome. I really could go on, but I’ll skip to the next question since I’m sure you already know…

6. Coffee or tea?

Tea! I’ve grown quite fond of tea with milk and sugar after my time in England. Also, any Asian tea or green tea after overeating is GREAT. I am not a huge coffe fan since I find it has too much caffeine for me, and I get jittery and twitchy when I drink it.

7. Three words that describe your blog?

Fun, girly and personal

8. What are your favourite posts to read? (beauty,fashion,DIY,health etc)

Beauty with a natural emphasis, health with a beauty emphasis, holistic (mind, body, spirit), honest stories about real life.

9. Holy grail product you can’t stop raving about?

Hmm, I might have a few ties. I love my Windrift Hill Body Butter, my MakeUp Forever lipstick. Also, I was CRAZED when Herbal Essences brought back their original botanical scents after 10 years of only seeling their teenager fruity formulas in those brightly colored bottles. As minimally eco-conscious, organic, etc they are, I am still obsessed with their scents and feel like a princess when my hair smells good.

10. Favourite celebrity style?

I’m afraid I don’t keep up with celebs so much anymore, but I have admired Olivia Palermo’s style (as much as I can’t stand her TV personality or talking voice). I like that it’s sometimes androgynous (slacks, boyfriend jeans), and doesn’t hop on to any trendy bandwagon unless it adheres to her personal look.

11. Advice for new bloggers?

Reach out to people who are blogging about things you like. This community is awesome to be part of!

1. http://ivancouver604.wordpress.com/ | ivancouver604

2. http://vrobson.wordpress.com/ | veebeautiful

3. http://upandawayinthestars.wordpress.com/ |upandawayinthestars

4. http://iceemoore.wordpress.com/ | iceemoore

5. http://beautyroyale.wordpress.com/ | beautyroyale

6. http://erinlouisehunt.wordpress.com/ | erin louise hunt

7. http://geekinpink1.wordpress.com/ |geekinpink1

8. http://unruraly.com/ |unruraly

9. http://bethanyworrall.com/ |bethanyworrall

10. http://paintwashrepeat.wordpress.com/ | paintwashrepeat

11. http://aaronmylungs.wordpress.com/ | aarondudek, i mean, aaronmylungs 😉

1. Introvert, extrovert, or in-between?

2. What is a secret talent or skill you have?

3. What is your favorite thing to write about?

4. If you could be someone else for one day, who would it be?

5. The best ice cream flavor?

6. What is your skincare routine?

7. What is your favorite Beyonce song? If you don’t have one, what is your least favorite Beyonce song? If you don’t listen to Beyonce, where have you been?

8. What’s your favorite dessert food?

9. Where do you feel most safe?

10. What is your favorite physical feature? And then your favorite personality trait?

11. Guilty pleasure song/band?

Well that’s the end of this LONG post. Thanks again to Beaute Amoreaux for nominating me for this Liebster, and thanks to my 11 nominees for creating interesting and engaging content to read and find inspiration in.

❤ TraceinthePlace

2 thoughts

  1. I’m so glad you’ve been nominated, keep up the good blogging work!!! Thank you very much for nominating little old me. I shall be answering my questions soon 🙂

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