Spotlight on ILIA Lipstick


Hey beauty readers! I recently discovered a cosmetics brand called ILIA that’s got me really excited! I believe they’re based out of Vancouver, and they have an increasingly successful line of lip “conditioners” and lipsticks that are from organic plant ingredients, “85% bioactive”. Not sure what that even means, but a quick peek at their ingredients shows me that a great majority of them really are real plant oils and beeswax, with a little bit of chemical sunscreen. The packaging also looks very minimalistic and clean, which is perfect since I think terms like ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ get a bad rap for being too crunchy, not chic in the beauty queen kind of way.

At $24 for a lipstick, I am a definitely turned off (my most expensive lipstick is a $22 MakeUp Forever, which I have used until the end, a rare feat for me) since I never get through an entire product before being distracted by another. On top of that, I assumed you could only get the product online, so shipping and handling fees D: . BUT, lucky me, ILIA products are sold at a few boutiques in San Francisco, and I will be visiting one to try out this product. My sight is set on this deep, dark plum color called Femme Fatale seen here. This color is very fitting for fall/winter, and I’m curious to see the color intensity of such a natural product.  Very excited!! Will report back soon!

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