Windrift Body Butter – Amazing Product!!

Best ingredients list ever!

Such amazing and natural ingredients! As you can see from this picture, this list of ingredients is incredible and really hard to find. I am so excited because I can recognize/pronounce literally everything on here. This doesn’t happen frequently, I mean go find a random lotion in your house and compare the ingredients list… I bet it’s not cute. Seriously, I am so impressed with this product… goat’s milk, coconut oil, shea butter, mango butter… YOU CAN EAT THESE!!! Natural and high quality FTW!

Cute fact about this company: They are a family owned business based in Montana that creates many different goat’s milk products… ON A FARM :3. I only know of them because the boutique I work in sells their butter, but they really ought to be everywhere. The only bummer is that if you can’t find their products in a store, the only other way is to buy directly from them… ugly shipping fees. 😦 I bought mine for $14.50, pretty solid price for a 4 oz that I’ve barely made a dent in. But they fit my criteria for a great product: looks good, feels good, is healthy and responsibly made. Ten out of ten!

❤ Trace

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