Windrift Body Butter – Amazing Product!!


I have DIED and gone to moisture heaven, y’all. I’m OBSESSED with these goat’s milk based body butters by a company called Windrift Hill. I was first introduced to them through the boutique I work at – we sell five butters they make. My favorite, that I own and have been using non-stop, is called Citrus Sun… it smells DIVINE.

So, why are these jars amazing?

I will start with the sensory experience since that one is a big factor. The formula is thick but somehow almost whipped-feeling – I might liken it to cake frosting. I use this on my hands and feet every night since it’s great for dry skin, but when I have time I also use them on my arms and legs. The product feels very velvety when applying, very luxurious and my skin definitely feels properly moisturized. This is not a product you want if you want a low maintenance moisturizer as it does sit on the skin for a while, but if you have the time to slather it on and like the experience, then it is the BEST. Say goodbye to dry skin forever, especially during those nasty winter months.  Aside from that, my citrus sun smells good enough to eat. It is perfectly fragranced, and even better, no artificial perfumes are used, just a blend of mandarin, grapefruit and lemon essential oils… which brings me to the other reason I LOVE this butter.

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