Hair Maintenance!

Dry shampoo – This stuff is good but only if you understand that oily hair only ever looks bad when it’s flat and chunky against the scalp. When you throw in a little volume (back comb a little, maybe), and THEN spray in the dry shampoo, that’s when the product is actually effective. I don’t personally own it because I don’t love aerosol products, but they’re designed to help with the oil.


French / Dutch braid– When I had longer hair, this was basically the answer for me. I cannot STAND having hair in my face, no less oily hair in my face, so it needs to be up and put away. Learning to french braid your own hair will change your hair universe . The style looks so pulled together and there are endless variations you could do, and on top of that, it is gentle on the scalp as hair is braided in sections, rather than any one hair section being tight and pulled on for hours (NO SCALP ACHES!!).  Sidenote- I was running in the park today and a tourist stopped me to say my hair was cute… and of course I had only french braided for work-out purposes. This trick is winner! Here’s my hair in a complicated looking but very easy and comfortable DIY french braid updo.

Natural boar bristle brush– So this is great, there are brushes designed to help distribute the oil from the roots to the ends of the hair follicles. I have no idea why I just learned this, but I recently bought one, and while it’s useless at detangling, it does help move the oil away from the scalp. The brush is very tightly packed with stiff natural fibers, which I also use to polish off my high bun.

High buns – Perfect for lazy people like me. For some reason, pony tails give me that awful scalp ache, but loose high buns are perfectly fine. Sometimes the oily look will be apparent, but I have dealt with that by using my brush. When I’ve finished the bun (takes 5 seconds), I polish it off by pulling the brush from the hair line toward the bun, and those oily/chunky sections of hair will smooth out. I don’t guarantee that this look lasts all day but … it takes about 5 seconds to remake should it fall apart.

I wish I had known all of this back in high school when I was painfully aware of my hair, but it took those years of awkwardly pulling back my hair into tight ponytails and sprinkling stupid DIY dry shampoo (aka cornstarch) on to my scalp to get here. And now I can recognize the perks to greasy hair  (more texture and more updo structural integrity), all while managing the long term oil slick and health of these locks! Hope it was helpful! 😀

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    1. Hi Juliana!

      Thanks so much for nominating me! This is so sweet and encouraging, and I look forward to sharing more about myself as well as discovering/nominating more bloggers.


      1. Your blog is amazing and its really nice to get some recognition I think. I look forward to reading your answers and getting to know you better! xxxx Juliana

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