Hair Maintenance!

Avoid the urge to wash hair every day– Similar to many people who have straight hair, my scalp tends to get oily very fast, more quickly than any other area on my skin. I know the look and feel of greasy hair is terribly unappealing, and I get self-conscious of this. However, I’ve realized recently (both by personal experience and by years of lectures by hairdressers about this) that frequent washing only makes the situation worse over time. Constantly stripping away the scalp’s natural oil will encourage it to produce even more oil to compensate, creating a negative feedback loop. To stop this, I now skip a day or two, and my hair feels a lot softer, never dried out or crunchy feeling.

To get through the in-between wash days, here are a few options:

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    1. Hi Juliana!

      Thanks so much for nominating me! This is so sweet and encouraging, and I look forward to sharing more about myself as well as discovering/nominating more bloggers.


      1. Your blog is amazing and its really nice to get some recognition I think. I look forward to reading your answers and getting to know you better! xxxx Juliana

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