How to wear make up to look like you’re not wearing make up

Step 3 – Define brows and eyelashes
Since this is a very natural look, I won’t do eyeshadow, liquid liner or anything on my bottom lash line. I do, however, apply a brow liner which actually seems a high maintenance (like, why would you  need to draw on some brows for a natural look?), but I have very light brows and sometimes they don’t show up in bright lights. Also, brows play an important role in displaying emotional expression, so I like to bring out mine just a bit more. I lightly fill in my “bald spots” and define the arch a bit more, brush the hair in an upward motion to blend out the powder, and that’s it. Finally, to finish the eyes up, I’ll tightline (apply eyeliner at the upper waterline) my lashes with a black liner -which is natural for me because I have black lashes – and then I’ll curl and apply mascara.

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