My Galz


Obviously, there is a giant picture of five beautiful girls at the top of this blog post and I really need to talk about that for a minute. These girls are me and my four flatmates/close friends (Danielle, Barb, Anna and Katie) that I met during my study abroad semester in Leeds, spring of 2012. They mean the world to me, and I haven’t seen them in person for over a year now, but thanks to an app on our phone, we now chat together and send pictures/audio throughout the day. I’ll admit that the different time zones do still confuse me (this morning around 11am my time, Katie messaged us goodnight, and a few nights ago around 3 am, she messaged me good morning), but it’s SO nice to feel like they’re still present in my life even when we’re not sharing space together anymore. They are a support system to me that I haven’t felt I’ve had in a long time, and recently they’ve provided such thoughtful advice and feedback on real issues that are going on in my life, especially regarding this exciting turn of events career-wise. It feels like everyone, everywhere has something to say about my life and situation, but not a lot of it is helpful, constructive or uplifting, so they do a good job of keeping it real while also reminding me of my potential and worth. I’m so blessed to have them and can’t wait for the next time we can all meet again and create some new memories / recipes.

I’m leaving this post feeling hopeful and like I’m finally making some progress. Let’s keep it movin’!

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