Wellness Wednesdays

I think classes are the way to go for me, but my issues are 1. you must pay for them and ain’t nobody got time for that and 2. eventually most classes end and then what?? Well, I think I’ve found the solution in practicing yoga! I started doing it earlier in the summer. I was feeling inspired (maybe because it’s kind of trendy, and girly) so I hit up a place called Yoga to the People. It’s a great idea, a donation-based yoga class that’s very down to earth and approachable, perfect for a newbie like me. I’m still a beginner, but yoga has made a pretty good impression on me so far. As a self-professed stress head, I really appreciate the practice being as much about physical discipline as emotional and mental discipline. I like the calm and easy instruction, the go-at-your-own-pace above everything, the focus on breathing and stillness. Even with that ethos, I sweat and bust my ass trying to work my body into these strange poses that I don’t even know who has time to come up with… Usually, my muscles will start shakin’ at some point which is good, right? Oh, and the sloth in me LOVES that the corpse pose (lying on your back on the mat with palms facing up) is a PART of the practice, a sort of gratification to the body towards the end of the session. Yoga is like exercise + meditation to me and it’s awesome. I hope I don’t end up dropping it like my attempts to run on the treadmill. JK running suxxxx

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