Wellness Wednesdays

I have always felt the need to bump up my fitness game and, to my credit, I have made attempts. I’ve done the whole gym membership thing, ellipticals, treadmills, weight rooms and bro-ey dudes (“bro, do you even lift?!”). Hate it! It was super trendy for a while but trends get old, and then I’m left wondering why I’m running super slow towards nothing and why in the hell seconds literally feel like they tripled in length and when this torture that is SUPPOSED to give me an endorphin high is actually just making me feel awful…? No thanks.

So then, I thought maybe joining a class might be my next bet. I found these to be a bit better, in part because I was forced to attend or not get my units…I took a swimming class which was very helpful because I somehow forgot how to swim. I’m not sure these types of motor skills can be forgotten, but oopsie daisies? I found that class to be worthwhile because I was (re)learning a new skill, in a new element and surrounded by a bunch of awkward capped-and-goggled noobs just like me. I also felt my body getting stronger, my muscles were toned and I was swimming faster/more efficiently. And also, I was tanned as a MF-er, except for the parts covered. Equal parts weird and cool. A year after that,  I took a ballet class, which was great for some of the same reasons, except now I was in a class full of noobs in ballet flats and leotards, and instead of water, there were barres and mirrors. I loved learning how to do new things, plies and releves and other french words, and secretly loved watching myself make graceful movements sometimes. And damn, my muscles would ache after those leg lifts. I put in the work.

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