Wellness Wednesdays

Okay, so today I may have spent most of my time watching Dexter episodes (season 2 is off the chain, but really), eating my spoonrocket lunch, and sending emails. I know, pretty sedentary, but I am making an effort to be more physically active, which, let me tell you, is not my forte. To be honest, I have been very lucky to inherit a naturally slim figure from my momma, but more and more I’ve felt like a body needs to be more than skinny to be satisfactory. I want the body I live in to be healthy, functional and fit, but this requires work! Surprise!

What’s oddly deceiving about me is that I don’t look unfit- I look a little hungry sometimes but unfit is not a descriptor that comes to mind. Actually, though, I feel like my fitness is pretty crummy because I get tired really easily / have a unusually low pain tolerance. Therefore, I prefer to do things that don’t make me physically uncomfortable, i.e. things that make me breathe heavily, push myself and get aggravated…like running on a treadmill, for instance. I can’t stand that shit.

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